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User guide Autopilot for Xplane with ESP8266

Compile and upload

Use Arduino IDE to compile and upload the firmware.

In the Tools menu

Compile and upload to the autopilot.

Connecting and Configuration

The autopilot is plug & play, once it has been connected to the WiFi network.

The ESP8266 saves the last SSID and password. If no SSID or password has been saved, or the network is unreacable, the autopilot will go into Access Point mode.

You will then need to connect your PC to the network created by the autopilot.

Setting up X Plane

X Plane UDP needs to bee confibured as default. The autopilot will do all required setting when connected.

The autopilot will listen for UDP multicast messages from X Plane send on IP Port 49707.
When messages is received, autopilot will send messages to configure DATA and DREF messages and setup IP address for autopilot.
OBS! The autopilot only uses 2.4G WiFi network. Do not connect the X Plane PC to a 5G WiFi. Only to 2.4G WiFi or to wired LAN. The autopilot and the X Plane PC must be on the same subnet.

Using Autopilot

The autopilot depends on the configuration of the selected aircraft. Some aircrafts do not have alle functions implemented - som aircrafts have bugs in the configuration. Autopilot cannot change or correct this.

Notes about X Plane 11:

The aircrafts in X Plane 11 have plenty of bugs. Here are some:

Display mode

The display mode has 4 modes. Press the Mode button to toggle thrue modes.

  1. Normal. Display setting for Autopilot and actual speed values (IAS TAS GS Mach)
  2. On route: Display settings for Autopilot and actual IAS, HDG ALT and V/S)
  3. Landing configuration: Display settings for Autopilot and settings for Flaps, Gear and breaks.
  4. Approach: Display settings for Autopilot and selected NAV and DME to ILS


Use the encoders to set the values for IAS, HDG, ALT and V/S

Pressing the top of the IAS encoder will toggle IAS between knots/h and Mach

Pressing the top of HDG encoder will set the autopilot HDG to actual HDG.

Fly with the autopilot

Select an aircraft - in X Plane 11 the MD82 has the fewest bugs!

if everything is setup correct, you should be landing. Turn off ATHR, AUTO and AP and break until full stop.