I have a bunch of computers. One on 1 st flor, one in the basement and of course a laptop for travel. Then I have another computer in my vacation house. Idealy all these computers should be syncronized, and this is easy with OneDrive or Dropbox (or others).

The next problem is, that I have about 400GB of data which I would like to have access to whereever I am, and in a normal Cloud solution, this would require me to sync 400GB of data on all computers.

Most used data

Windows assign some standard folders as libraries. these are typpically:

  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Donwloads
  • I do not have ALL my documents in the document folder, or ALL my pictures in the picture folder. Only the most resent or most important to access.

    This is less than 5GB.

    I want to have theese syncronized on all computers, and Therefor each of them have a mirror on OneDrive.

    To use OneDrive for standard folders The following is required:

    Other data - not so often used.

    This was elementary, but we still need access to the rest of the files.

    Go to the OneDrive settings menu and make sure, that onle the folders mentioned abow, are enabled to sync.

    Go to the Web interface on OneDrive and create one more folder. You can call it 'archive', and this folder should not be syncronized.

    We want to have access to the 'archive' folder as well, but not have it syncronized with all computers. The answer to this is: MAP the folder as a drive!

    Now it gets exiting. Normally you can only map shared drives on your own LAN - WebDav is the answer to this.

    Use WebDav

    This is also the reason I chose OneDrive rather than Dropbox, because OneDrive supports WebDav. Dropbox does not, and they have (so far) no intentions to do so!

    Prepare for WebDav

    Using WebDav is a bit tricky. I spend some time getting it to work.

    First you must make sure, that your computer can do WebDav.

    Go to your file browser, rightclick on My Computer and select 'Administer'

    Then you select 'Services' (under 'services and programs') and find the entry 'WebClient'

    Doubleclick - it is proberbly marked as 'manual start - change to 'automatic' and save.

    Next we need to fiddle with the registry. Open Regedit and find the following:


    Change the value of the entry

    to 2 (insert if not existing)

    Now we need to find your OneDrive custumer ID:

    go to the Web interface og OneDrive and login to your account.

    In the files page you will se the URL in the address line as something like this:

    Your custumer id is the value after cid=

    copy this value.

    Map to OneDrive with WebDav

    Go to your filebrowser select the My Computer. Rightclick and select 'Map network drive'

    in the folder part you write the following:

    while replacing ' XXXXXXXXX' with your customer id.

    Accept and give your username and password to OneDrive if required.

    You have now all your data on OneDrive available but only sync the often used labries.

    You never have to think about making backup anymore . If your computer catch fire, or you want to buy     a new one, Just  do the procedure again, and all your data are as as you used to see them.

    Reconect at startup

    You may find, that the mapping is not reconnected after power up. This is an timing issue, and can be solved easely.

    Start Regedit

    go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\NetworkProvider\

    Set or create a DWORD
    RestoreConnection = 0


    As I am old and stupid, and does'nt rely on anybody, I keep all data on OneDrive syncronized on a Synology Disk server.

    Completely stupid, but better safe than sorry!